Why gamers rule on YouTube

Gaming personalities on YouTube attract a high number of followers who take an interest in their videos. They can get billions of views on their channels due to the high popularity levels. It could leave you with more questions than answers. Why would anyone watch a video of a game when they could just play it?

Why are gaming channels popular?

Gaming can be a lot of fun. You will spend hours in front of your screen experiencing new heights with every level cleared and goal achieved. It will be even more fun by interacting with other people who enjoy the activity as well.  YouTube communities help gamers connect socially through their interaction on every walk through, let’s play and review video shared.

YouTube allows players to share interests with people from around the world and enjoy gaming beyond the thrill of playing. Watching other people play games on YouTube will be just as interesting for gamers as watching a film or listening to music would to enthusiasts of these respects. It offers a platform for players to enjoy their games beyond simply playing them.

Players can watch YouTube to learn how to play certain games or overcome difficult levels. The channel hosts are usually very good gamers who may have an advantageous strategy or two that could be used to increase your chance of victory. Many players also look through reviews to decide whether a game is worthy of their time since there are so many choices available.

Who is the most popular gaming YouTuber?

These are the elite YouTube gamers you should subscribe to on the platform.


PewDiePie joined YouTube gaming in 2010 and has since gained a large following because of his charming personality and interactive style. He is also very skilled in different games. The channel has over 65 million followers and is one of the most popular channels on YouTube under any field.


The most popular gaming channel is run by 21year old Pedro Afonso Rezende Posso and has over 20 million subscribers. It is a multiple award winning channel which features different popular games that targets the Portuguese speaking demographic. Rezende is funny and takes up vlogging alongside gaming.


The humorous channel features both comedy and gaming videos. It is run by Mark Fischbach and has more than 21 million subscribers. It covers indie and horror games but may also include a popular game once in a while. In addition to gaming, Mark regularly carries out charity work through the channel.

Game Grumps

This popular comedy series has over 5 million subscribers. It was started in 2012 and has attracted a loyal following because it has a unique style of presentation with episodes based around two hosts playing a video game. During their interaction they host share commentary on the games and opinions on other issues. They also have holiday themed episodes around different release times to cover holiday editions for a full gaming experience.