Who are the most popular gaming Youtubers? 

Gaming is a big part of YouTube with channels fetching millions of subscribers. They may specialize on single games such as Minecraft and Grand Theft Auto or they could choose to diversify over a range of games. Regardless of their style, these channels are very attractive to viewers on the website with many spending hours going through content uploaded.

This list presents some of the popular and most viewed gaming YouTube channels as well as their most popular host figure. It may rank the performance of some of these personalities by total number of views, follower count and popularity of posts.

Game Grumps’ Ross O’Donovan

Started in 2012, the popular comedy series has over 5 million subscribers. It has a unique style of presentation with episodes based around two hosts playing a video game. During their interaction they share commentary on the games and opinions on other issues. They also have holiday themed episodes around different times of the year to cover holiday editions for a full gaming experience.

H20Delirious’ Johnathan Smith

Jonathan Smith’s channel has 10 million subscribers despite him never providing any other identifying information aside from his name. Jonathan has even released prank videos revealing his identity on two occasions. Jonathan, who is also part of Vanoss Gaming, has a trademark laughter that suits the style of this channel. He creates Let’s Play videos of popular games such as Hitman, Grand Theft Auto and Fallout 4.

Popular MMO’sPatrick Brown

With over 14 million subscribers and boasting a net worth of over $7 million, Patrick Brown’s channel is one of the more popular gaming channels on YouTube. It was started in 2012 and has focused mainly on different features of Minecraft including Arena battles, Let’s Play videos and Minecraft Mob Battles. Patrick’s wife is also a popular gamer who runs the channel GamingWithJen. The two have developed exciting collaborations that make their work even more popular.

VanossGaming’s Evan Fong

Canadian Evan Fong runs the popular channel which has over 22.3 million subscribers. Evan is among the highest earning YouTube personalities, raking in about $15.5 Million in revenues in the past year alone. The channel reviews a variety of games and is popular because of Evan’s humorous approach. He regularly posts funny sketches and edits in a popular series titled Funny Moments, featuring 30 videos which have gained over 60 million views.

Final word

Being a full time gaming YouTuber can be your 9-5 job. There are many people looking on the internet for tips on how to get past difficult parts of levels in their games. There are also many other people who are using these gaming channels to find their next game. These gamers and internet figures have a large scope of influence and are set to rise in popularity as games for more interfaces are developed. If you are looking for an idea on the next game to play, these are some of the biggest names you may need to look into on YouTube.