The top 4 popular gamers you should know

There are so many games available for different consoles that it is tough just to find the best games for you. Consoles have evolved to suit a wide variety of games, making it almost impossible for users to pick just the right games for them. You can still keep up with the popular culture and enjoy the entertainment on offer with a little help from popular platforms such as YouTube.

This social media allows users to share videos with other people on the site. There are a few gaming channels that have been developed to help you find the best games in different categories for an enjoyable experience without needing to be exposed to the hit-or-miss nature of games.  Here we look at the most popular YouTube gaming channels by subscriber basis.


Run by 26-year old Evan Fong, this influential channel is the largest on the platform. The Canada-based YouTuber is labeled as the being the second highest paid behind Daniel Middleton. VanossGaming features over 23.5 million subscribers.

The channel covers a variety of game genres. The style is interactive and may feature a lot of humor, such as the popular Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto reviews. It has over 9 billion total views since its creation in 2011.


Markiplier features both gaming and comedy videos on his channel. The channel falls somewhat short of VanossGaming’s impressive 23.5 million haul with a 20.5 million subscriber base. Mark Fischbach, who is worth about $12.5 million, has gained some influence with this channel on the platform. It was created in 2012 but quickly rose in popularity, ranking in the top 100 gaming channels within two years.

Mark covers Horror and Indie games on the channel such as Surgeon Simulator and The Eight Pages. He also covers mainstream games such as Minecraft, although these are few and far apart.  He regularly hosts live streams through which he raises donations for charitable organizations and events which adds a human dynamic to his channel.


Lauded as YouTube’s most energetic commentator, Sean Williams McLoughlin is an England-based Irish youTuber who has developed a signature greeting for his channel. The strong Irish accent makes the channel even more unique and enjoyable.

Sean W. McLoughlin took an active role on the platform in 2012, climbing up the ranks dramatically. His channel is popular and is regularly mentioned by other big names in the field. Jacksepticeye has 19 million subscribers and over 9.5 billion views. Sean has gained so much popularity that he has made cameos in Disney and RTE shows.


Run by one of the biggest YouTube gamers, Daniel Middleton, this channel focuses mainly on Minecraft. Recently, the channel started featuring other games such as Tomodachi Life and Roblox games. This prompted a name change to DanTDM from The Diamond Minecraft. Daniel started off with a younger audience as hewas very popular with 5-12 year olds. Like fellow Irishman McLoughlin, Middleton’s channel also has about 19 million subscribers.