The most popular YouTubers in the gaming niche

For 13 years, YouTube has been the leading source of entertainment and information. Vlogs, streams and music videos have been uploaded onto the site and viewed by millions of users over a cumulative span of billions of hours.

 It has also provided a platform for gaming that allows you to quickly review a game to find out whether it is suitable for you without needing to play it. Gamers who are stuck or need strategic support can also view videos from these channels to get a hint of how to handle tough spots in games. The result has been the expansion of interest in gaming, which has seen the profiles of these popular gaming figures grow.

These are most popular YouTube channels in the gaming niche.


With over 65 million subscribers on YouTube, this internet personality is among the most popular for any individual brand. PewDiePie joined YouTube gaming in 2010 and quickly gained a following on the platform thanks to his charming attitude and vast gaming skill. PewDiePie has one of the highest subscriber numbers for a gaming channel on YouTube, topping the rankings since 2014.


El Rubius is a vlogger and YouTube gamer based in Spain. The ppopular channel started in 2011 with focus on daily vlogs, subscriber challenges and video game gameplay. The channel was the most subscribed to in Spain by the end of 2011, which is testament to its popularity. It features over 34 million subscribers and was the first Spanish YouTube channel to reach 10 million subscribers. ElrubiusOMG is back to regular posts after taking a short sabbatical.


The channel started in 2011 and has grown to over 30 million subscribers. It is hosted by an El Salvador star and YouTube gamer, beating all other channels in the country. The style of presentation takes up a comedic edge with Fernanfloo using comic vlogging and humor alongside gaming to attract viewers.


Markiplier features both gaming and comedy videos on his channel. The channel features an impressive 20.5 million subscriber base. Mark Fischbach, who is worth about $12.5 million, has gained some influence with this channel on the platform. It was created in 2012 but quickly rose in popularity, ranking in the top 100 gaming channels within two years. Markiplier covers Horror and Indie games on the channel such as Surgeon Simulator and The Eight Pages. He also covers mainstream games such as Minecraft, although these are few and far apart.  He regularly hosts live streams through which he raises donations for charitable organizations and events which adds a human dynamic to his channel.


Run by Pedro Afonso Rezende Posso, the channel is one of the most popular in Brazil. It has won multiple awards in the country, including a Nick Choice Kids Award. It features over the top comedy with Pezende specialized in personal vlogging and gaming. RezenDeevil features different popular games and often posts regularly to a Portuguese speaking audience.