Learn from these online gamers 

Gamers rule the web. They are very popular on YouTube whether they handle classic strategy games such as Minecraft or modern shooters such as Call of Duty. They create content that attracts millions of views over hours on the platform. The viewership rates help these stars score sponsorships and advertising deals which can be lucrative and may run into millions.

This list looks into some of the most popular gaming YouTubers and provides some insight into their channel. We look into their subscriber counts, total number of views and earnings raked in wherever possible. These are some of the most popular gaming YouTubers online.

The Willyrex

With over 13.4 million subscribers, this channel focuses mainly on Minecraft videos. It is run by 24 year old Guillermo Diaz. The channel has a cult following with Diaz posting a daily video since 2010 to keep it active and growing.


This award winning channel features over 15.4 million subscribers. It was awarded the Nickelodeon Brazil Kid’s Choice Award and Trendy Guy Award for exemplary performance on the platform. The channel is run by 21 year old Pedro AfonsoRezende who is based in Brazil. He mostly reviews Minecraft and Resident Evil but also uploads other videos occasionally.


Based in the UK, professional gamer Daniel Middleton’s channel has over 18 million subscribers. He earned over $ 30 million in income in the past two years due to the high viewership ratings of the channel. Daniel also has an online store through which fans can purchase merchandise. The channel changed from Diamond Minecraft to DanTDM to accommodate an increase in the number of games covered.


Sean Williams McLoughlin, who runs this popular channel, is described as energetic and as being a unique personality. His style of delivery and videos have garnered 18 million subscribers and regular mentions on other channels.Jacksepticeye starts off videos with an iconic salute to viewers that should get the entertainment going.


The pun in the channel’s name should tell you all about its host and style of posts. Mark Fischbach is an LA based YouTuber who is amongst the highest paid figures on the platform. His channel feature an attractive comedic approach to games which includes animated parodies and comedy sketches.Markiplier has over 19.6 million subscribers.


While this popular channel focuses on Minecraft, there is a selection on modern shooters such as Rainbow Six and resident Evil, and open world games such as Grand Theft Auto. 28 year old Samuel de LuqueBatuecas runs the popular channel. The YouTuber’s claim that he lives with a killer goblin on his bio has not put off any one of his 21 million subscribers.


With over 22.3 million subscribers, Evan Fong’s channel is one of the biggest on YouTube for gaming. The Canadian raked in $15.5 million in revenues due to the channel’s popularity. Fong posts videos for a variety of games. He also edits past videos in a comedy series named Funny Moments which have earned over 60 million views.